What is the 11 plus process?

For more information on
the 11 plus process download
our 11 plus FAQ below.

For more information on the 11 plus process download our 11 plus FAQ below.

Common Questions

Yes, if your child is 7 to 10 years old (Year 3, 4 or 5 in school), and is consistently performing at the top of their year group in school, then it is quite likely a grammar school will be the most suitable secondary school for your child’s higher academic ability.

In Year 6 you will apply for a secondary school for your child.

Grammar schools are also secondary schools, however they are selective secondary schools. Parents are required to apply for an exam to secure a place for their child. This is known as the “11+ exam”.

Grammar schools only offer places to children who achieve the highest scores in the 11 plus exam, this means seats in grammar schools are highly sought-after because they are high achieving schools.

We offer a Free Assessment and based on the results we will provide you with a Free Consultation – during which we can discuss whether the 11 plus is the right route for your child, and if it is then how you can proceed.

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Grammar school’s use Verbal and Non-verbal reasoning (as well as Maths and English) to test a child’s academic ability, however these two subjects are not taught in school.

So most parent’s opt to provide tuition for their child in order to prepare and familiarise their child with these subjects.

The tuition will also prepare your child to cope with the 11+ exam conditions, because the format of the exam will be unlike anything your child has experienced previously.

Most parents start the 11 plus tuition from September of Year 4.

This is simply because of the competitive nature of the 11 plus process, and if the competition are preparing from Year 4, then most parents also feel they should start from Year 4, to give their child the best chance of competing.

However, we do offer classes from Year 3, for those parents looking to enhance their child’s basic Maths and English skills before they join us for the 11 plus course in Year 4.

By the end of Year 3 at Broad Horizon, your child will not only have established robust foundational knowledge but will also have acquired advanced skills that surpass their peers of the same age group.

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