Parents choose Broad Horizon for 11 plus tuition because we understand that you are seeking a highly personalised service that sets us apart from other tuition centres.

We prioritise accessibility and ensure that our tutors are available for meetings at the end of each session. This provides you as parents with opportunity to discuss your child’s progress, receive feedback, and identify areas for improvement.

In our small group classes, your child receives the attention they deserve. Our 11 plus tutors go far and beyond merely completing and marking work packs.

We actively teach individual 11 plus concepts, explaining all the material in-depth. This approach aligns with our belief in comprehensive and effective tuition.

Your child’s understanding is our priority.


At Broad Horizon our Head Tutor and Founder is a dedicated and full-time 11 plus tutor, specialising only in the 11 plus process. This commitment allows us to focus solely on improving the quality of our 11 plus services, which sets us apart from other tutors who juggle multiple responsibilities.

Thanks to our dedicated, hardworking tutors, and effective teaching methods, we have consistently achieved over 90% success rates in helping our students pass their grammar school entrance exams, year after year.

If you desire the same results for your child, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Let’s embark on your child’s journey to 11 plus success together.

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